Our goal is to curate a meaningful ceremony in an unforgettable location.

2020 Zodiac Calendar / Juliet Meeks Design / $20 Magnolia Bandana / Jeanne Vocktroth / $18 I’ve Got This Pin / Kelly Draws / $8 Louisiana Sweatshirt / Trombone Apparel / $31 Cedar + Palo Santo Deodorant / Oxalis / $24 Labyrinth Pendant / Mimosa Handcrafted / $45 New Orleans Architecture Art Prints / Laura […]

2019 Local New Orleans Gift Guide

December 17, 2019

I always recommend couples add an hour of photography time to their package – but why?! Keep reading to learn why this extra hour can be so important! It’s more relaxed time, with just the two of you. While eloping ensures you’ll get much more concentrated time together on your wedding day, over half of […]

Adding Photography Time

November 19, 2019

Wondering where to stay when you visit?! Wonder no more! New Orleans is full of beautiful hotels to host you (and, if you choose, your family and friends!) during your wedding weekend. Here are my favorite four hotels in New Orleans! The Eliza Jane downtown was originally a newspaper and there are so many sweet […]

Our Favorite New Orleans Hotels

November 12, 2019

As a New Orleanian, it’s no surprise to me that so many couples choose to elope in New Orleans – I mean, why wouldn’t you?! Of course, I’m also a rational person that understands there are many options and difficult choices to make when planning an elopement. Here are my top five reasons to tie […]

Why Elope in New Orleans?

November 5, 2019