Adding Photography Time

I always recommend couples add an hour of photography time to their package – but why?! Keep reading to learn why this extra hour can be so important!

It’s more relaxed time, with just the two of you. While eloping ensures you’ll get much more concentrated time together on your wedding day, over half of our clients bring family or friends along. For this hour, it’s just the two of you (plus me!). Your loved ones can have a drink at a fun bar, the two of you can talk/nuzzle/bask in the newlywed glow, with me gently guiding our time together to get some beautiful images.

Explore different locations. New Orleans has a lot to offer but for such a small city, it can take a while to get from place to place! Many of our destination couples would love photos in the French Quarter AND the Garden District – not realizing it takes about twenty minutes to get between the two. With an additional hour of time, that’s no problem – we can even take the streetcar for some photo ops along the way! This lets you truly explore New Orleans and have portraits in various places unique to our city.

And of course – the most basic yet important reason – MORE portraits! When you’re planning your wedding and looking through photography, what are the photos that draw you in? Nine times out of ten, the answer to this is: the COUPLE photos! Portraits of you and your new spouse (!), completely in love and completely in the moment. These are the photos that you will hang on your wall, gift to your family, and will be seen by friends and future children (and grandchildren!) – they are seriously priceless. And there’s an easy way you can guarantee getting those gorgeous portraits you’ll cherish forever! How? Making sure we have enough time!

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